Lecture 15 - Graphics vs. Aesthetics

Lecture Date: Monday, October 16

We will start by finishing up on collision detection from last week, looking at the solution to the 2D Unity tutorial.

Make sure to watch the Extra Credits video for today!

Games have graphics (usually - there are interesting exceptions). Just like with physics, it is important to know what is the "right" graphics for your game. We don't always want "perfect" physics. We want what makes sense for the gameplay.

For graphics, we want what makes sense for the overall theme of the game - the world building aspect. Graphics can have higher or lower fidelity due to the engine or the tech the game is running on, but that's not necessarily what we care about from a design perspective. How do we use graphics to immerse the player in our world?

We will do a primer on basic graphics for games in addition to our discussion of graphics vs. aesthetics.

Slides - Graphics vs. Aesthetics

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Lecture 12 - ECS

Lecture Date: Wednesday, October 4

Please watch this video for discussion in class. I would suggest downloading the example he discusses and look at the code. I’ll be talking about it in class.

YouTube: Chicago Game Development Meetup - ECS In Unity

I’ll also be watching and discussing this other video, but the first one is more important. The second gives more information and is still worth your time.

YouTube: Entitas Presentation at Unite 2015

YouTube: Entitas Presentation at Unite 2016

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Lecture 11 - Game Design Patterns

Lecture Date: Wednesday, September 27

How do we go about structuring the abstractions and architecture in a game? Object-oriented? MVC? Something else? We'll discuss this along with Entity-Component-System and work through some examples.

Slides - Design Patterns

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Lecture 8 - Probability and Risk

Lecture Date: Monday, September 18

Today we’ll look at the nature of probability and risk in games.

Turns out, people are pretty good at statistics – what has happened in the past – but are pretty freaking awful at probability – what might happen in the future. We’ll look at how we can use this to our advantage to create interesting game experiences and to keep things fresh over multiple playthroughs by tweaking aspects of the game system.

Slides - Probability and Risk

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